Successfully Providing Pharmaceutical Solution from 12 years


The Largest Pharmaceutical Factory in Qatar!

Qatar Pharma is the first intravenous infusion facility in Doha, Qatar and is the leading Pharmaceutical Company in the Arabian Gulf which started operating in the year 2009. It has a promising provision of high quality medicinal products in the health care sector.

Qatar Pharma is Intravenous infusions, Dialysis solutions & Topical Drug Manufacturing facility, committed to provide local and international market with modern, highly effective, safe Drugs.
Qatar Pharma’s purpose is to be a leader in the pharmaceutical industry by providing enhanced services, relationship with customers and high end medicines.

Qatar Pharma provides services of pharmaceutical manufacturing of intravenous (I.V.) solutions in Bags, Bottles in large volume parenteral, Eye drops and Ampoules in small volume parenteral, Haemodialysis solutions for kidney dialysis, Topical drug manufacturing for creams, lotions, and solutions.
Qatar Pharma involved in the new products development with high quality standard affordable products for our community and international market.

Qatar Pharma is The leader in infusion therapy and clinical nutrition in the Gulf.

Qatar Pharma is producing quality products applying cGMP.