Quality Policy

The main quality objective of Qatar Pharma is the development and Manufacture of Official Medicines (OM) meeting market demand in modern, highly effective, safe quality medicines.

Qatar Pharma Company undertakes to:

  • Achieve Customer satisfaction with Company products.
  • Create a full cycle of development, production, storage and distribution of medicines based on QMS and in conformity with ISO 9000 standards and GLP, GCP, GMP, GDP and (GXPs) regulations.
  • Strive towards zero defect performance, and contribute to saving life worldwide.
  • Perform services of new product development, quality control and manufacture on the basis of detailed and effectively monitored quality management system.
  • Ensure permanent proficiency level upgrade of all company personnel.
  • Develop personal involvement and responsibility for manufacture of a high quality product; Encourage professional pride of company staff and promote their awareness of being part of international pharmaceutical community.
  • Make Health safety and Environmental protection is an integral part of the quality strategy.
  • Protect and promote the interest of all those associated with us, our customers, vendors, bankers and financial institutions, statutory authorities, shareholders and employees, through high qualitative performance in all aspects of work.

Quality Policy implementation is based on continuous improvement of operation of every company division, efficient internal audit, conscientious pursuit of professional growth by employees, understanding of corporate responsibility before the society as the Company product has direct impact on populace’s life and health.

Qatar Pharma company management is committed to implement Quality Policy.

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