S.NProduct NamePack Type / VolumeIndication / Usesingredient
170% Isopropyl AlcoholJerry can: 5L Bottle: 500ml Spray: 500mlAntiseptic and Disinfectant70% Isopropyl Alcohol
2Acetic Acid Otic Solution 2%Plastic Dropper: 15mlOtic SolutionGlycialaceticacid 2%
3Acnederm CreamAluminum Tube: 25gmTreatment for acneSulphur 3%
Resorcinol 1%
Cetrimide 0.5%
4Alcoholic Aluminum Chloride Solution 10%Amber Glass Bottle: 100mlTo control excessive sweatingAluminum Chloride Solution 10%
5Alcoholic Aluminum Chloride Solution 20%Amber Glass Bottle: 100ml, 200mlTo control excessive sweatingAluminum Chloride Solution 20%
6Alcoholic Ear DropsAmber Glass Dropper: 15mlFor ear infection and pain reliefEthanol96%
7Aquaderm CreamPlastic Jar: 100gmEmollientWhiteSoftparaffin 15.83%
EmulsifyingWax 8.5%
Liquidparaffin 5.67%
8BASDINE (10% Povidone Iodine Solurion)Plastic Bottle: 120ml, 1000ml Jerry can: 5L Flip off cap: 500ml Spray: 500mlAntiseptic and DisinfectantPovidoneIodine 10%
9Bescabin Skin Lotion 25%Amber Glass Bottle: 100ml, 200mlFor scabiesBenzylBenzoate 25%
10Caladerm CreamAluminum Tube: 25gmFor rash, skin allergyCalamine4%
11Calamine LotionAmber Glass Bottle: 100ml, 200mlRelieve itchingCalamine15%
ZincOxide 5%
12Castor Oil200ml Amber Glass BottleMiscellaneous SolutionCastor Oil 100%
13Dapkin CreamAluminum Tube: 25gmFor baby rash and minor woundsCetrimide 0.2%
BenzalkoniumChloride 0.01%
14DiacarePlastic Jar: 50gmFor diabetic wound healingAcaciaNilotica 30%
15Fungiderm OintmentAluminum Tube: 25gmAntifungalSalicylicAcid 6%
BenzoicAcid 3%
16Gentian Violet 1%Amber Glass Bottle: 50ml, 100mlAntiseptic and DisinfectantGentian Violet 1%
17Glycerin BoraxAmber Glass Dropper: 15mlFor ear wax removalBorax 13%
18Glycerin Borax SolutionBottle: 50mlfor throat pain, mouthwash and gargleBorax 13%
19Glycerin Ichthyol Ear DropsAmber Glass Dropper: 15mlOtic DropsEthemmol 10%
20Glycerin Magnesium SulfateAmber Glass Bottle: 200mlFor boils, carbunclesMagnesiumSulfate23.9%
hydrateglycerine 25.85%
21Glycerin Pure100ml Amber Glass BottleEmollientGlycerin 100%
22Glyceroderm Ointment20gm Aluminum TubeEmollientGlycerin20%
OliveOil 20%
Woolfat 20%
Whitesoftparaffin 20%
23Ichthyol OintmnetPlastic Jar: 50gmAnti-inflammatoryIchthymmol 10%
24Ipecac SyrupAmber Glass Bottle: 100mlExpectorantIpecacuanhaLiquid
extract 7%
25JessenerAmber Glass Bottle: 50mlFor hyperpigmentation, melasma, frecklesSalicylicAcid 14%
Lactic acid 14%
26Lindane Cream 1%Aluminum Tube: 25gmFor scabies and body liceGamabenzene
Hexachloride 1%
27Lindane LotionAmber Glass Bottle: 200mlFor elimination of head liceGamabenzene
Hexachloride 0.1%
28Liquid ParaffinAmber Glass Bottle: 100ml Jerry can: 5LMoisturizer and LaxativeLiquid Paraffin 100%
29Massederm CreamAluminum Tube: 25gmFor pre and post natal careGlycerin 3%

OliveOil 13.33%
30Mentholid InhalationAmber Glass Bottle: 50mlFor relief of nasal blockageMenthol0.7%
Camphor 7%
31Mentholid Nasal CreamAluminum Tube: 10gmFor nasal congestionMenthol1%
Camphor 1%
32Mixture OilAmber Glass Bottle: 200mlEmollient for skin and hairCastorOil 33.33%
Liquidparaffin 33.33%
OliveOil 33.33%
33Nasalkin PowderPlastic Jar: 50gmNasal douch to dissolve mucusSodiumBicarbonate 33.34%
Borax 33.34%
SodiumChloride 33.34%
34Normal Saline Nasal DropsAmber Glass Dropper: 15mlRelieve nasal congestionSodiumChloride 0.9%
35Olive OilAmber Glass Bottle: 50ml, 100ml Jerry can: 5LEmollient and DemulcentOlive Oil 100%
36Orahexidine 1% Mouth WashAmber Glass Bottle: 200mlMouthwashChlorhexedineGluconate 1%
37Paraffin OilAmber Glass Bottle: 100mlTreatment for dry skin, constipation and eczemaParaffin Oil 100%
38Potassium Hydroxide 10%Amber Glass Bottle: 100mlAntiseptic and DisinfectantPotassium Hydroxide 10%
39Potassium Hydroxide 20%Amber Glass Bottle: 100mlAntiseptic and DisinfectantPotassium Hydroxide 20%
40Potassium Permanganate LotionAmber Glass Bottle: 200mlAntiseptic and AntifungalPotassiumPermagnate 0.013%
41Psoriczederm OintmentAluminum Tube: 25gmFor treatment of psoriasisSalicylicacid5%
CoalTar 6%
42Salicyderm Ointment 3%Aluminum Tube: 25gmKeratolytic and antifungalSalicylicAcid 3%
43Salicyderm Ointment 5%Aluminum Tube: 25gmKeratolytic and antifungalSalicylicAcid 5%
44Salicylic Acid 3%Aluminum Tube: 25gmWarts and Tattoo removalSalicylicAcid 3%
45Salicylic Acid 5%Plastic Jar: 50gmWarts and Tattoo removalSalicylicAcid 5%
46Salicylic Acid 10%Plastic Jar: 50gmWarts and Tattoo removalSalicylicAcid 10%
47Salicylic Acid 20%Plastic Jar: 50gmWarts and Tattoo removalSalicylic Acid 20%
48Salicylic Acid 40%Plastic Jar: 50gmWarts and Tattoo removalSalicylic Acid 40%
49Scalpin Hair Tonic LotionAmber Glass Bottle: 200mlHair tonic and anti-dandruffSalicylicAcid 1%
TinctureCanthridis 5%
TinctureCapsicum 5%
AmmoniaSolution 0.3%
50Sodium Bicarbonate 2% Pediatric Ear DropsAmber Glass Dropper: 15mlFor ear wax removalSodiumBicarbonate 25
Phenol 0.5%
51Sodium Bicarbonate Ear DropsAmber Glass Dropper: 15mlFor ear wax removalSodiumBicarbonate 5%
52Sodium Bicarbonate Phenol Ear DropsAmber Glass Dropper: 15mlFor ear wax removalSodiumBicarbonate 5%
Phenol 0.5%
53Sulphur 3% OintmnetPlastic Jar: 50gm, 500gmFor treatment of scabies, acneSulphur 3%
54Sulphur 5% OintmnetPlastic Jar: 50gmFor treatment of scabies, acneSulphur 5%
55Sulphur 6% OintmnetPlastic Jar: 50gmFor treatment of scabies, acneSulphur 6%
56Sulphur 10% OintmnetPlastic Jar: 50gm, 200gm, 500gm, 1000gmFor treatment of scabies, acneSulphur 10%
57T.V LotionAmber Glass Bottle: 200mlTreatment for skin irritation and inflammationBenzoicAcid 6%
SalicylicAcid 3%
58Tincture IodineAmber Glass Bottle: 200mlAntiseptic and DisinfectantIodine2.5%
PotassiumIodine 2.5%
59Trichloro Acetic Acid 10%Amber Glass Bottle: 50mlWarts and Tattoo removalTrichloro Acetic Acid 10%
60Trichloro Acetic Acid 15%Amber Glass Bottle: 50mlWarts and Tattoo removalTrichloro Acetic Acid 15%
61Trichloro Acetic Acid 20%Amber Glass Bottle: 50mlWarts and Tattoo removalTrichloro Acetic Acid 20%
62Trichloro Acetic Acid 25%Amber Glass Bottle: 50mlWarts and Tattoo removalTrichloro Acetic Acid 25%
63Trichloro Acetic Acid 30%Amber Glass Bottle: 50mlWarts and Tattoo removalTrichloro Acetic Acid 30%
64Trichloro Acetic Acid 35%Amber Glass Bottle: 50mlWarts and Tattoo removalTrichloro Acetic Acid 35%
65Trichloro Acetic Acid 50%Amber Glass Bottle: 50mlWarts and Tattoo removalTrichloro Acetic Acid 50%
66Trichloro Acetic Acid 100%Amber Glass Bottle: 50mlWarts and Tattoo removalTrichloro Acetic Acid 100%
67Triple TinctureAmber Glass Bottle: 200mlMiscellaneous SolutionTinctureIodine33.33%
TinctureCapsicum 33.33%
TinctureCantheridis 33.33%
68Urea Cream 10%Plastic Jar: 50 gm, 100gmTreatment for eczema, HyperkeratosisUrea 10%
70Urea Cream 20%Plastic Jar: 50gmTreatment for eczema, HyperkeratosisUrea 20%
71Urea Cream 40%Plastic Jar: 50gm, 100gmTreatment for eczema, HyperkeratosisUrea 40%
72Vaseline 50% in Liquid ParaffinPlastic Jar: 100gmEmollientVesaline50%
Liquidparaffin 50%
73Vaseline Skin CarePlastic Jar: 8gm, 50gm, 100gmEmollientVesaline 100%
74Zincoderm OintmentAluminum Tube: 25gmFor napkin and urinary rashZincOxide 15%
Castoroil 15%
75Biohair 5%LDPE Ampoule: 2mlHair loss and hair regrowth treatmentMinoxidil
76Biohair 2%LDPE Ampoule: 2mlHair loss and hair regrowth treatmentMinoxidil
77Basdine Alcoholic Solution 70%Bottle: 120ml Jerry can: 5L Flip cap: 500mlAntiseptic and DisinfectantPovidoneIodine 10%
Isopropyle alcohol 70%
78Orahexidine 0.12% Mouth washAmber Glass Bottle: 200ml Plastic Bottle: 200ml Jerry can: 5LMouthwashChlorhexedineGluconate 0.12%
79Glacial Acetic acidJerry can: 5 LiterAntibactrialGlacial Acetic acid
80Iodine Crystals 1000gmAmber BottleKills bacteriaIodine Crystals 1000gm
81Oraseptol MouthWashBottle: 200mlMouthwash
82Chlorhexidine digluconate 2% Mouth wash;Bottle: 200ml, 400mlMouthwashChlorhexidine digluconate 2%
83AcetoneJerry can: 5 LiterSolventAcetone
84Basdine Antiseptic Solution (10% povidone ‐ Iodine Solution in 30% alcohol)Bottle: 120ml Spray Bottle: 500ml Flip cap: 500ml Jerry can: 5LAntiseptic10% povidone ‐ Iodine Solution in 30% alcohol
85Basdine Ointment (10% Povidone Iodine)Aluminum Tube: 25gmAntiseptic10% Povidone Iodine
86Basdine Cream (10% Povidone Iodine)Aluminum Tube: 25gmAntiseptic10% Povidone Iodine
87Glycerin BPJerry can: 5 LiterEmollientGlycerin 100%
88Bacitracin zinc and Neomycin sulfate ointment USPAluminum Tube: 25gmFor minor cuts, scrapes and burns
89Dexapanthenol cream 5%;Aluminum Tube: 25gmMoisturizerDexapanthenol 5%
90KY‐Jelly;Bottle: 250mlLubricant
91Sodium Hypochlorite 5.25% Mouth Wash;Bottle: 200ml, 400mlMouthwashSodium Hypochlorite 5.25%
92Chlorhexidine 4% with Aloe Vera;Jerry can: 5 LiterantibacterialChlorhexidine 4% ,Aloe Vera
93Chlorhexidine Gluconate 5%;Jerry can: 5 LiterTreatment for gingivitisChlorhexidine Gluconate 5%
94Benzoyl Peroxide 5% LotionBottle: 50mlTreatment for acneBenzoyl Peroxide 5%
95Isopropyl Alcohol 99%;Jerry can: 5 Liter Spray: 500ml Flip cap: 500mlAntiseptic and DisinfectantIsopropyl Alcohol 99%
962.5% Tincture Iodine Disinfectant;Jerry can: 5 LiterdisinfectantIodine2.5%
PotassiumIodine 2.5%


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